Francisco Sepulveda

Francisco Sepulveda is an exuberant, mysterious and magical artist. The multifaceted work of Sepulveda is a fusion of his Latin-American, Native American and European roots blended with his incessant trips and exposure to different cultures, creating a unique and fascinating universe. Art critics speak of the Sepulveda galaxy, telescoping of cultures and of the palette of the gods.  They see through him a historical reference to his continent, where strange characters masked with animal heads undertake improbable rituals, where the artist beseeches the heaven and hell. He is always compared to an ogre, a voracious and insatiable devourer of worlds in order to remodel his own - unique, fascinating, stunning.
The works of this young artist are already among the prestigious private and public collections worldwide, including the New York Public Library in New York, the Royal Belgium Library in Brussels, Graphische Sammlung Der ETH in Zurich - Switzerland, Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid, Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris, Museo Nacional del Grabado in Buenos Aires-Argentina, Musée Jenisch in Vevey - Switzerland, Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca - Mexico, Biblioteca de Catalunya in Barcelona, Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Cordoba -Argentina, Musée de l’ Estampe et du Dessin Original à Gravelines - France etc.
Francisco Sepulveda was nominated Artist of the Year in 2009 for Azart – International Painting Magazine. He is one of the young representatives of the Latin American pictorial scene in Europe. 
Library and Center of Documentation – Museum of Fine Arts – Santiago, Chili.